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Our Schedule

We currently are not in the raiding senario at this point in time. We will determine our scheduling based on our members time periods and server time frames!

Our rankings

Guild Master:
The primary responsibility of the GM will be to delegate responsibilities to the other officers, carry the veto power over the other officers on issues, and set short and long term goals for the guild. The GM should also be very involved on finding possible recruits for certain classes based on the class leader's needs (due to the fact it is highly unlikely for Class Leaders to group with people of their class outside of the guild in 5 man environments). Loot Priority for the GM would be equal to all other Raiding Member ranks and above.

Guild Officer:
These are the officers in the guild. Their responsibilities would include delegating responsibility and overseeing the Raid Leaders and Class Leaders, and providing their input to the GM about matters that arise. Loot Priority and Attendance Expectations for the General Officers would be equal to all other Raiding Member ranks and above.

Raid Leader:
Raid Leader responsibilities would include raid scheduling, setup, management, and directing. They would be responsible for making raids as successful as possible. Loot Priority and Attendance Expectations for the Raid Leaders would be equal to all other Raiding Member ranks and above.

Raiding Member:
An ideal Raiding Member should be an exceptionally good player with high attendance, excellent attitude, and a spec that is maximumly effective for PvE. a Raiding Member comes prepared to raids night in and night out (brings all needed consumables, and uses them appropriately, etc), and has the proper gear for the encounters we are currently working on. These people research encounters in advance, they are quick to catch on, and are a tremendous asset in our kills of progression bosses. They should have the best available gear from outside of raiding, or be actively working on obtaining said gear, and have proper gems and enchants. Raiding Members lead by example in raids, they rarely if ever die to to cave ins, or Spouts, or other avoidable mob abilities, they do not pull aggro, they do not roam off from the group, their playskills are at the highest level and their results are also. These are the group that the future leadership of the guild will be chosen from. All Raiding Members must maintain an average raid attendance of at least 70% over a 30, 60 or 90 day period. To be promoted to Raiding Member you must be in the guild for a minimum of 30 days
Loot Priority for Raid Members would be the highest in the guild, equal to all other higher ranks, and above all other lower ranks. These members would have priority over all New Members and Regular members for raid spots.

Regular Member:
Those member who are part of the Guilds raiding corpse but have not met the requirements to become a Raiding Member. Gear, Skill, Attitude, Preparedeness, Attendance, Ability to follow directions. a Regular Member is someone who has been in the guild for a minimum of 14 days, who has maintained at least a 50% raid attendance rate and who demonstrates the potential / desire to one day become a Raiding Member.Regular Members are those people that Raid with the guild but not at the level of a Raiding Member, either due to ability, gear, attendance, performance level. These members have gear and skills that would would allow them to function in Karazhan and contribute to the guild in some way in 25 man raids. Some part of either heir gear, skill, attitude, attendance, preparedness, ability to follow directions or raiding common sense needs to be improved to move up to raiding member. Regular Members must maintain a 50% Raid attendance during any 30, 60, or 90 day period.

New Members / Probationary Members/ Associate Members (N/P/A Members) Initiates:
This rank in the guild is for people who are new to the guild, or have not yet met the requirements to advance to one of the higher ranks, or for any number of reasons have been demoted to this level (Behavior, Attendance, etc.) In order to be eligible for promotion to higher rank a New / Probationary member will be required to be available for at least 50% of the raids in the current period of 14 days, show an excellent attitude and willingness to help the guild if called upon.

This rank is for all "other" cases, alts, banks, friends and family, members who do not raid etc. If anyone from this rank does indeed raid they will be promoted to New / Probationary Member and join the ranking hierarchy from that point.