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Come You Heroes, Come In All Your Power and Glory!
Greetings Fellow Heroes,

I would like to welcome you to Vylos Vorols home website. We are a new raiding guild with set goals and dedicated leadership and members. We strive for the best and work to surpass those who have come before us. We are an Alliance guild on the Exectus - NA Server and are dedicated to the high end content made available to us at the current time.

Here we are dedicated in achieving our goals and stand committed to offer our members the best game play experience there is to offer. We strive for the best in raids, out of raids, during down times and even during our peak times.

Unlike most guilds Vylos Vorol is going to push gaming to its next stage. We are not a re-roll guild, merged guild or a guild that has fallen through. We are serious raiders who want the hardcore experience with the bragging rights to go with it. We are seasoned players with experience dating back to World of Warcraft up to the current Wrath of the Lich King. Here you will find players that are helpful, respectful, and above all serious about what they do.

If you are interested in learning more about us visit our forums and make a post and we can get back to you with as much information as your can savor. And if you are feeling up to the task in taking on the Hardcore world with us hit up our registration link and send in a Application. All applications are private and are not shared with other guilds for optimal privacy!

We would like to thank you for visiting and taking the time to read our statements. Feel free to use our forums and if you would like to speak with us sometime hit us up in game.

Thank You,
Guild Leadership

News (Blue Posts)
PvP Titles in Cataclysm
In Cataclysm, we plan to make the old PvP titles available based on your performance in our upcoming rated Battleground system, similar to the current Arena titles which are based on your performance in the Arenas. Keep in mind, however, that Cataclysm is still relatively early in the development stages and this information is subject to change. We'll have more on the rated Battleground system and associated rewards in the months ahead.

[...] I'm going to clarify my original post, as I don't believe it's been decided yet whether they'll be purchased with Arena points or Honor points, or if a specific Battleground rating is the only requirement to unlock them. There are no plans to make these titles available for real-world money.

[...] We feel they're going to fit well with the new rated Battleground system. The titles were previously earned through a very cumbersome experience that didn't necessarily measure a player's PvP skill. With a new system for measuring performance in the Battlegrounds, we feel it's a good fit to award the honor titles to those who excel. We do not intend for the top titles to be earned in a trivial manner. It's going to be quite hard to get High Warlord or Grand Marshal; and not because it's going to require that someone plays in the Battlegrounds more than everyone else on their realm each week, but because it's going to require a very impressive win/loss ratio.